Ron Scott Flintlocks

Ron Scott Flintlocks specializes in the design and crafting of fine flintlock firearms for the discriminating collector. Using the finest materials, a uniquely styled and decorated Flintlock is meticulously created. Browse images of Ron’s work in the galleries below.

My work has been a progression of styles and detail.  The early work was influenced by the demand for Hawkins and other Plains rifles.  In the 1980s, I  began experimenting with the British Flintlock forms.  My passion settled on the European Hunting Rifle, or Jaeger Rifle as it is commonly referred. This early 18th Century form allowed for infinite artistic study and interpretation. These Rifles incorporate highly decorated mounts with rich woods and detailed stock carving. View the Flintlocks Gallery.

A fine grade Flintlock is enhanced by accessories that fit it in style and quality. To fit that requirement, Ron Scott Flintlocks offers Hunting Pouches’ and Bullet Bags’ in the European Tradition. High grade leather, wood and linen are incorporated into a traditional form.  The resulting bags’ and pouches’ are handsome and functional. Like the Ron Scott Flintlocks themselves, each item is crafted to fit the customer. View the Accessories Gallery.

I find teaching to be an equally rewarding experience with fabrication.  Education in the craft of building Flintlocks is taught in my local workshop one evening weekly, workshops once or twice per year in conjunction with the Oregon Gun Makers Fair and the  Seminars sponsored by the NMLRA in Western Kentucky University. I am available for one on one workshops at my studio. Photo Gallery

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