Ron Scott Flintlocks

Commission A Project With Ron

A typical scenario is for an individual to contact me, stating  interest in a Rifle, Fowler or Pistol.  Once the details of the project, including stock grade and decoration have been agreee upon, I can generate a Cost.

I have established the Price of Standard Grade Maple and European Walnut at $400.00 per blank. If an upgrade in stock is requested, the difference is added to the finished price.

I keep an Inventory of better grades of Sugar Maple, European Walnut and a few rare blanks of Madrone Burl.  Photos and Prices of these selected blanks can be viewed in the Stock Blank Gallery.

During the last five years of teaching at the NMLRA seminars, I have developed four sets of Jaeger Rifle Hardware and have two more  in process.  Original parts are used to  create silicon molds, from which Iron and Brass castings are made.These intricately detailed investment castings enable me to produce very high quality, authentic flintlocks.

I generaly request a 25% downpayment upon placement of an order. The balance can be paid at intervals or upon completion.